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The Best Weapons of Video Games


5: Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker:

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While Thunderfury itself is not quite the best weapon from MMO behemoth World of Warcraft (hint hint,) it certainly earns its place on this list, and perhaps mostly because of how it’s been used by the community.

If you’ve played World of Warcraft for a significant amount of time, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about just reading the name.

That’s because players in WoW, players often spam the name of the item into general and trade chats, creating a continuous stream of it for as long as immaturity can keep it up.

And sometimes, even if it’s frustrating, ancient, and repeated probably daily on every single server, it earns a smile. The look of the blade and its passive aren’t so bad themselves.


4: M6 Spartan Laser:


The Halo series is an equally important creator of some of the best weapons in gaming. The unique universe breeds many iconic weapons, but few as entertaining and explosive as the M6 Spartan Laser. In the Halo universe, the sound of the Spartan Laser beginning and the accompanying red dot that betrays where you’re aiming makes it the most immersive weapon available in the Halo universe. The destruction that follows is certainly a bonus.


3- Fat Man:


Fallout is a wonderfully vibrant universe that brings the player in from the very beginning. It also has some great weapons to make sure it keeps your interest. The best of these weapons is the Fat Man.

“The Fat Man is a pre-War heavy weapon that launches mini nukes,” says fallout.wikia.com. That’s a pretty apt description. If you thought the many other violent weapons in Fallout were exciting, the Fat Man absolutely tops that list.

The Fat Man might have much worse ammo prospects than most, the devastation it brings more than makes up for it every time, certainly earning its spot on this list, and in the hearts of Fallout fans.


2: Keyblade:

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The customizable weapon from Kingdom Hearts brings many memories back to gamers. It plays a pivotal role in the story and makes its mark in combat as well. Kingdomhearts.wikia.com describes the Keyblade’s abilities with, “The main power of the Keyblade, however, is the ability to seal or open the barriers between worlds, as well as to "lock" a world's Keyhole, preventing the Heartless from attacking that world's heart. As an offset of this ability, the Keyblade can also be used to lock or unlock any lock, allowing the user to access any sealed interior, whether it be a locked room, gate, or treasure chest. The Keyblade opens and shuts locks by emitting a bright, thin beam of light; this can also be used as an attack against certain enemies, although it is not featured in general game-play.”

It certainly does a lot more.

The blade will always be a major icon for the series, and will always bring players right into the vibrant world behind it.


1-      Frostmourne:

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While Thunderfury certainly has a place in gamers hearts, Frostmourne is definitely the most immersive and enthralling weapon and design in World of Warcraft, and I believe across video games in general. Its design can certainly be thanked, but its role in the World of Warcraft story probably does a lot more.

According to wowwiki.wikia.com, “Frostmourne has the ability to drain life from its victims — and to drain the soul of anyone whom it connects to. The Lich King is capable of seeing through the eyes and hearing through the ears of anyone who wields Frostmourne; this ability cannot be stopped by any mortal means. The Lich King can communicate with the wielder at will telepathically, on any plane and at any distance. The Lich King uses this ability to try and corrupt the wielder over time. This has several effects. An individual who wields Frostmourne will not part with it willingly.

Over time the person will go from good to neutral and finally to evil. A non-undead evil wielder will then become undead. Finally the sword is able to suck the being's soul into the sword. Frostmourne then retains the memories and skills of its victim. In fact, as long as the wielder's original body remains within one mile of Frostmourne, the sword maintains control of the body, and he may not be completely aware that his consciousness has shifted to the weapon. Beyond one mile, the sword cannot control the wielder's body, and the wielder of course finally becomes quite aware of his current state (if he is not already).”

In the story, “During the final battle against the Lich King at the Frozen Throne, Frostmourne was shattered by Ashbringer, wielded by Tirion Fordring. The thousands of souls trapped within the blade swarmed the Lich King, suspending him in the air, where he was finished off by the champions assembled to defeat him. The trapped souls then remained in Icecrown Citadel, locked in eternal torment, unable to escape,” says wowwiki.wikia.com.

The epic nature of the story mixed with the brilliantly designed combat and lead up makes Frostmourne the most iconic, immersive, and best weapon of video games.


With new Larkon Studio game Legends of Ellaria on the way for Steam Early Access Release. That means that more and more great weapons are being created for the player.

Keep up with the game’s progress at larkonstudio.com and by subscribing to our newsletter and participating in the forums. You can also read more about the heart of Legends of Ellaria combat here.

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