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Version feedback

Postby Arik Helman » Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:46 am

Hi all,

We hope you're enjoying Legends of Ellaria’s latest build. We appreciate your feedback on the following points:

1: What is your current average frame rate ? If possible, please share your computer specs.

2: What’s your impression of the current features ? (RTS building, combat system, weather system, economy, city life, etc,)

3: Which features are missing the most ? (Dialogs, Quests, World map, Multiple maps, Kingdom management,, RTS army controlling, etc.)

Any other thoughts, suggestions or general impression. Did you have fun playing Legends of Ellaria? would you like to comment on other issues ?


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Re: Version feedback

Postby keaolian » Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:20 pm

1. I am getting 30 Fps pretty well locked on unless I switch to Ultra and then it fluctuates between 28-30
My system is a I5 6600k with a Gigabyte gaming 3 mobo, 16 gig ram, 500gig ssd and a Amd rx 470
I will post more as I play more. You have done a lot since I last played.

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Re: Version feedback

Postby NitoMurray » Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:19 pm

I like the paint design of the loading screens but perhaps make it more stylized than it currently is? It looks more like a bad resolution screenshot than a painting.

Still have concerns that RTS only gameplay will feel like an AFK style, there is little interaction with lumber as a resource and I feel there should be ways to have more than 1 market and blacksmith etc. I also feel the blacksmith should be for upgrades which perhaps a Forge for iron tick income? I feel that my progress is entirely gated by lumber income that I can't manipulate so I end up tabbing out and waiting for that.

I think the feature that would increase playability at the moment would be a crude levelling system at the very least or something to give personal progress. Or having goblin raids as a minor feature to give something dynamic. At the moment, you explore 2 ruins and build everything and ya done. With levelling there'd be incentive to explore more and you could start to implement it slowly and test aspects sooner (so first adding stat increases, then other features such as skills later).

I also feel the areas feel identical and it would be nice to have more landmarks to differentiate them. They're all meant to be the surrounding forest area so of course that have to keep that theme, but perhaps more features in each? A lake in one, a noticeable town ruin in the other? Something to separate them rather than forest area A and forest area B.

Perhaps less gold drops? I searched the first cave and 1 ruin and I had 5000~ gold and all the iron needed to set up everything to AFK the rest. Given I had to wait for lumber it didn't make sense to explore more gameplay wise (I still did of course to test and try to break more things). If people feel there isn't a point to something, they'll normally won't bother :/

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