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Weapon Types - Discussion

Postby Larkon Studio » Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:06 pm

This is the official discussion for Weapon Types - voting.

As part of our Kickstarter tier of magic weapon design, we've made this section for suggesting hand held weapons that will be used in the game. Your suggestions will determine which medieval weapon is most popular, but we may accept suggestions for special weapons such as double edged sword, dual crossbow, and fantasy weapons. The suggested hand held weapons may be any medieval or fantasy category, such as knives, swords, spears and ranged weapons such as bow, crossbow. The suggestion may include special bonuses, such as "x1.5 damage to large creatures" for spears, "+5% chance for critical damage" to knives, and so on. The suggestions should not suggest a historical / special weapon, such as "Grondel's fang - a special war hammer", but rather the weapon type, such as "War hammer".

The suggestion should take into account that a sword has a damage of 10, speed of 5 and a reach of 1.5, and no bonus, so smaller weapons should do less damage and larger weapons should do more damage, while having a slower speed and a larger reach.

To suggest a weapon, please consider the following:

  • You should specify damage and speed, including special bonuses for the weapon, if possible.
  • Your suggestion is for a weapon type, such as "Kukri", or "Broad sword". There's no need to specify material type or special / rare weapons from a known weapon type.
  • You should specify damage bonus, such as pierce / slice / critical damage / etc. You can specify any damage type and we'll consider adding the damage type.
  • You should specify if it's single handed / double handed / both / dual wield, and if there are any limitations to holding them (cannot be used on mounted creatures, etc.)
  • you should give us a visual description about fantasy weapons that don't exist, so that we'll know how to design them.
  • You may suggest known weapons such as swords, long swords, knives, and things that exist, so that we'll know what is your opinion about damage, special bonuses, speed, reach and other things you may add.

For instance, you may post:

  • Kukri - an inward curved blade design for fast but powerful attacks.
    one hand / dual wield
    Damage: 6, Speed 8, reach: 1.
    + 1 pierce damage
    + 1 slice damage

  • Double crossbow - a crossbow with the capacity to fire two shots before reloading, at the cost of a slower reload rate
    Damage: 18, Speed: 2, reach 25
    + 12 pierce damage
    -60% reload speed
    * can fire two shots before reloading

You can post any opinion or question about the vote in this topic. This is not the suggestion topic itself, to post a suggestion, please post at
Weapon Types - Voting

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