Feature Discussion - Siege weapons or Interaction

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Feature Discussion - Siege weapons or Interaction

Postby Larkon Studio » Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:33 pm

This is the official discussion for Siege weapons or Interaction. Your suggestion will help to determine which feature will be developed towards the Early Access.

*The vote will be open until the 13th of March

As we're progressing towards our Early Access, we're developing the most important features of Legends of Ellaria so that the Early Access will boost LoE as a fun game to play. In order to do that, we are asking you to vote which feature is the most important for you between the ability to control siege weapons or interact with many things in your city or outside it.

The vote is between one of these two features:

Siege Weapons:
The ability to control siege weapons, such as the Ballista, catapult and Trebuchet, including aiming them by yourself and deploying them through the map.

The siege weapons can be transported by soldiers into a battlefield, then deployed and commanded to fire on a target. Alternatively, you can control the siege weapon by "entering" it, which will allow you to aim the siege weapon by yourself.

Interaction with objects:
The ability to interact with objects in your city by pressing the E button. The interaction will allow you to:
  • Help construct buildings
  • Help in farming, blacksmiths, and any building in your kingdom (except for reserved ones, such as vendors)
  • Sit in chairs and benches
  • Eat from tables
  • Cook meals in a cooking station
  • Read books
  • Mine resources
  • And many other items in or outside of your kingdom
  • Get benefits from these actions, such as intelligence boost from reading books, hit points boost from eating, strength boost from sleeping
  • Give your city benefits from these actions, such as happiness boost, resources boost, and speeding up constructions

*This vote only determines which feature will be developed first. It doesn't cancel the development of the feature that wasn't voted.

You can post any opinion or question about the vote in this topic. This is not the vote topic itself, to vote, please vote at
Feature Vote - Siege weapons or Interaction

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Re: Feature Discussion - Siege weapons or Interaction

Postby NitoMurray » Thu Mar 02, 2017 1:29 am

Finally, we can have some control over wood tick~

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