Kingdom Laws - Suggestion

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Kingdom Laws - Suggestion

Postby Larkon Studio » Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:44 pm

This is the official suggestion for Kingdom Laws. Your suggestion will help determine what laws you can dictate.

*The suggestion will continue as we vote/add new features

As part of the City Life and Kingdom management, we're designing laws that you can dictate for your kingdom or your cities. Each law you'll dictate may have advantages and disadvantages, and will influence how your kingdom works and how people view your character. The suggestion may include laws that are related to cities, trade, kingdom, citizen behavior to you, your soldiers or themselves, and any law that may be interesting to add to Ellaria.

To suggest a law, please consider the following:

  • Laws you dictate usually have advantages and disadvantages, though it's not mandatory.
  • You may post any advantages and disadvantages, including percentage and related dialog with your civilians
  • Laws may be related to anything in your kingdom or it's surroundings, including technology, resource, diplomatic and fighting abilities.

For instance, you may post:
  • King's edicts. Citizens needs to treat you as their rightful ruler and agree to any command you issue.
    Advantage - your citizen will allays speak with respect, you'll receive discounts on all stores, lower cost of recruiting soldiers and anyone in your kingdom must follow your orders, share their property or can be judged by you.
    Disadvantage - Loss of happiness and honesty for your citizens, loss of morale for your soldiers, higher chance of enemy spies infiltration.

  • Mandatory civic crime watch. Any able citizen is called to serve in the city overwatch to look for criminals, resolve issues and defend merchants.
    Advantage - City's barracks effectiveness is increased by 30%. Reduces crime rate by 10%.
    Disadvantage - Lowers happiness by 5%, Lowers all civic production buildings effectiveness by 5%

This is the suggestion topic. Please post suggestions by following the above rules. If you have an opinion, please share it at
Kingdom Laws - Discussion

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Re: Kingdom Laws - Suggestion

Postby Valerian » Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:45 pm

Law: Great mobilization
Any able man (or woman if they are emancipated^^) is called to serve in the imperial army, to defend and expand your borders
Advantage: it's much cheaper to recruit and remunerate soldiers - around 60%, morale increast by 5%
Disadvantage: Lowers production by 25; lower happiness by 10%

Law: Emergency decree
In times of war and chaos this edict resticts the personal rights of your citizen
Advantages: Reduces crime rate by 35%, discount on stores by 25%, your citizen has to share their property
Disadvantage: lower happines by 20%, increast chnce for a revolution (10%) or at riots (30%)

Law/reformation: Proclamation of the (holy) Empire
With the grace of God you proclaim yourself the one, only and rightful king of all of the dimensions - the (holy) Emperor.
Advantage: morale increast by 25-35%, population growth increast by 15%, costs of recruting soldiers lowered by 15%, conversion rate increast by 60%
Disadvantage: strained relations with all of the other kingdoms, very high intolerance towards other religions
Requirements: you must have chosen a (monotheist) state religion
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Re: Kingdom Laws - Suggestion

Postby 66Austin1 » Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:04 pm

Right to bare arms.
advantage - Civil liberty increased by 10%-20% (devs choice). During times of invasion peasant folk will take up arms to defend the kingdom and there homes (will do this if the right/edict is not proclaimed but giving the right to bear arms. The peasant folk aquire better fighting gear like instead of fighting with a pitchfork they would fight with an actual spear and other weapons.)

increases happiness with citizens and in the information panel for main territory or other places. Gives the trait (feels protected even without presence of military force. If military force is inside this territory. gives a +20% increase to protection that the citizens feel and increases the defense of the territory.)

market places- now are protected more from theft as any citizen coming by witnessing a theft can gang up on the thief and hold them until guards arive to take the thief away. If the thief tries to kill the citizens that are trying to keep him still until the guards come the citizens will then try to incapacitate the thief but if that is deemed impossible they will kill the thief and wait for you or guards to arrive to tell the whole story to you.

Disadvantage - Increased crime by 10%. increase riot chance by 5% (can not affect riot chance if populace is perfectly happy and have nothing to worry about.)

If edict is taken away the populace will protest at the front of the city hall (or palace wherever the main building is that you stay at.)

production decreased by 40% for 5 months until the protests and (maybe riots) are taken care of.

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Re: Kingdom Laws - Suggestion

Postby ptlans » Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:21 am

Law: Arcane Draft
Any citizen with stats that match what is required to be a spellcaster is recruited and trained to be one.

Advantage: More spellcasters in kingdom, faster arcane research, more powerful/longer lasting spells
Disadvantage: Decreased general production and increased cost for training and upkeep of spellcasters.

Law: Production Quotas
Percentage of whatever is produced in kingdom (in addition to taxes) goes to the king.

Advantage: Cheaper production/research
Disadvantage: Significantly decreased morale, slower population growth

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Re: Kingdom Laws - Suggestion

Postby SpringbokSam » Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:01 am

Law: Governorate
You are able to appoint one of your companions or NPC's as the Governor of the town/village.

Advantage: City production is at the same level or slightly lower than if you were present in town. It also increases citizen morale and the taxes are slightly improved.

Disavantage: The companion would no longer be available for quests and enemy kingdoms can assisinate or bribe your governor in order to cause social unrest in your town or even a change in loyalties.

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Re: Kingdom Laws - Suggestion

Postby leodavinci » Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:42 pm

Law: Prohibition - alcohol consumption in public, including the tavern, and sale of alcohol is banned
Advantage: Speed of production +15%, Speed of gathering resources +15%, Birthrate +15%
Disadvantage: Basic attack power of warriors -10% (takes more time to get XP for new warriors), +10% Illegal activitities, +10 % disrespect on law, -10% Tax income,

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Re: Kingdom Laws - Suggestion

Postby Smiiley » Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:34 pm

Martial Law: All citizens must stay inside after dark. Effects: Gradual rising civil discontempt. Suppresses growth of rebellion. Lowers chance of enemy chance to spy on your empire.

Social welfare law: Effect: High cost of treasure. Increases public morale. Lowers unemployment. Reduces civil unrest. Increases citizens vitality (makes them healthier which effects combat prowess and workpower). Increases corruption from nobles.

Free market laws: Higher income from traderelations and tax. Better relations with local nobles. Increases productivity. Increased civil unrest. Decreased citizensvitality (citizens strained from tougher low yield worker wages affects health, lowering combat prowess and workpower).

Rule through fear: Public punishments and executions. Effects: Lowers citizen morale. Heavyli suppresses rebellious thoughts. Slight Increased productivity. Increases corruption from nobles. Decreases population growth. Increases chance of enemy spies. Lower cost of maintaining armies.

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Re: Kingdom Laws - Suggestion

Postby Smiiley » Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:06 pm

Military draft: Drafts citizens to join the army. Effects: Drafted citizens got low morale, Kingdom production and harvest greatly diminished. Slight civil unrest increase. Large boost to military strength.

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Re: Kingdom Laws - Suggestion

Postby Valerian » Thu Sep 15, 2016 6:31 pm

Public welfare system: Your governmet supports and supply the poor living in your kingdom.

Advantage: Public happiness increast by 15%, beggars are disappearing from your streets
Disadvantage: Massiv costs
Requirement: poorhouse

EDIT: Oh, I just realized that this idea is already written down here. Sorry

Okay, here are two more:

Absolutistic Monarchy Decree / Decree Abolishing Hereditary Nobility and Titles
Through this decree all the power of the state is transfered to the emperor, King I mean. Instead of noblemen as the ruling and administrativ body, a goverment formed by officials and governors under the direct control of the emperor, ähm, i mean the king^^, is in charge of the administration of the empire, ähm i mean kingdom^^
Every democratic elements (pairlament, representive body for the people etc.) will be removed too.
Remove of the old and corrupt system of noblemen ruling over their own estates,confisication of the property of the former nobels; more power to the crown, more efficient goverment and administration (taxes +10%); more prestige for the emperor, I mean king;
Disadvantage: When this decree is issued, high chance for a rebellion of the former nobleman or commoners who lost their political representation
Requirement: A non absolutistic monarchy (constitutional, parliamentary etc.) as form of goverment.

With this reform, every citizen is forced to enlist himself at a registry office (name,age, occupation and place of residence, amount of taxes they pay etc.).
Advantage: Accurate overview about your subjects and detailed information regarding kindom management
Disadvantage: High costs for the administrative process
Reguirement: Registry office building
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Re: Kingdom Laws - Suggestion

Postby NitoMurray » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:47 am

Feed the Pyre - Sacrifice the lives of your citizens to obtain riftstone through magical rituals.

Advantage - Riftstone is generated

Disadvantage - Evil points, loss of morale for troops, loss of happiness for citizens, reduced construction speeds, greater infiltration chance.

Trade Fair - Welcome foreign traders and begin a fair!

Advantage - Trade income increased, possibility of rare goods to appear in stores during fair.

Disadvantage - Reduced resource generation, increased infiltration chance.

Grand Tournament - Welcome warriors and heroes from all over the land to fight and test themselves

Advantage - Increased troop morale, increase troop and hero experience, chance to recruit new heroes and have your heroes and yourself compete to be champion, increased happiness.

Disadvantage - increased construction times, increased infiltration chance, lives will be lost in the tournament (attrition damage to troops, a few will die!), Heroes may become injured. Increased Crime rate.

Bandit and plunder! - Order your Heroes to lead troops abroad to raid and bandit other kingsdoms. It's time to go Viking!

Advantage - Loot, troop and hero experience, possibility to injure and damage a foreign kingsdoms heroes and troops.

Disadvantage - Troops can't be recalled for a set time, increased infiltration, increased upkeep, troops may die, diplomatic penalties globally (possibly sparking war).

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