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Re: Ai

Postby junk1243 » Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:20 pm

66Austin1 wrote:
junk1243 wrote:
Asvandorf wrote:How is the diplomacy AI work? for example after a long war in wich we have been wining, we will have the option to offer peace in exchange of some territory, outpost, tech or resource? And maybe more complex relation Paradox like. I personally don't like a lot the "give me 1,000 gold and have peace".
It would be interesting also if you could threaten a weaker faction with war if they don't pay tribute or break a treaty with a 3rd faction or pledge loyalty, something like that.

These are some good ideas for asvandorf, you should implement them. Being me, I like treaty's where you get a certain piece of land, maybe a RIFTSTONE, some gold, and then have A truce for like 3 months. This would make it kinda like CK2.

It would be really cool if they did that :D

Yep,considering how much ck2 we play :P
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