Side Quests

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Side Quests

Postby NitoMurray » Fri Dec 04, 2015 8:15 pm

So, let's write some side quests together! I'll write my own side quest idea, to give you guys an idea on how.

Quest Name - A Wanderer

Introduction - (Tavern Keeper) - M'lord! A dire plague has struck the town, and your people are dying! All of the farmlands have become barren, and a strange sickness has befallen us! Something is not right bout' this sire. One night we're healthy the next we're not? Nah. It be some right ol' nasty sorcery that's for sure! M'wife saw a strange looking fella come through the tavern the night before, perhaps you could ask around there bout' him?

Description - Go to the tavern and begin the investigation into "The Wanderer". Leading you to the woods, finding several slain animals trailing back to a cave with a cannibal family Either fight/ stealth or negotiate your way with them to gain information. This leading you to your own castle dungeons, where you find evidence of prisoners being taken. If your character follows the trail of evidence, it leads to the Graveyard. If instead your character has access to holy abilities or high magical traits, he can discover the lair hidden behind a cell. When at the graveyard, you'll come across several experiments ranging from the failed corpse reanimations to undead hounds and other such monsters. Within a crypt you find a journal, with the Necromancer being identified as your very own royal doctor and alchemist!

Either through the discovery at the graveyard crypt or through magical means finding his lair directly, you must decide to fight and kill him, capture him through force or surrender, or recruit him.

Stages (Bold for required, Italic for optional or by-passable) -
Go to the tavern
Investigate - Tavern > Woods > Cave > Castle Dungeons > Graveyard > Lair
Kill, Capture or Recruit the Wanderer

Reward - Plague removed and possessions are yours - kill, Plague removed and bounty reward (less money than the worth of his possessions), New Necromancer hero - recruit.

Consequence if failed/ignored - Plague spreads, becomes permanent feature that reoccurs causing random undead riots.

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Re: Side Quests

Postby Valerian » Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:23 pm

Quest name - A Sinful life

Introduction - (a trader,peasent lokal guardsman etc.): Yor imperial Majesty, I'am deeply sorry to interrupt your walk, but if I may state a request? In my home town, not far from here, a suspicious person quarters in ower smal tavern in the night, sneaking around the citywalls and walking through ouer streets. Well, I'am a bit worried about him. Why I didn't tell the guards?...Well, your Majesty must now, that there were some small ... intricacies ...between me and the Citywatch...long ago...But, your Majesty, I appeal to you, take a look.

Description: Go to the town and begin the search for the mysterious person: You could look around the streets, ask some civilians or guards or search I the local inn (the mysterious person doesn't stay there anymore). After a while you will find out, that the mysterious person likely leave the town.
In the following days, some farms and granarys around the town were set on fire, but without a offender to find.
Now it is the players choice how to react: Send the lokal guardsmen to find the arsonist (2)? Search by yourself (1)? Or do nothing (3)?
Meanwhile, the villagers beginn to feel unsafe and unrest increast
1. Using this way, you will find footsteps at one of the crime scence, if you follow them, you will encounter a bandit camp. Either fight or negotiate with them.
1.1 If you decide to fight them with the help of your guardsmen, and (hopefully^^) defeat them, youe will be able to loot their camp and increase the happiness of the local town's population.
1.2 If you try to negotiate with them, you could bribe/or persuade (if your charisma - level is high enough) them to join your side (about 20 to 30 new soldiers). This will increase your peoples unhappiness and thier will lose thier trust in your imperial goverment.
2. While the most of the soldiers are out of the city, the bandits try to attack it, loot it and afterwards burn it to the ground. Natually you have the possibility to defend your city - but rememder, the majority of your guards aren't in the city and the bandits spyed out your town's fortification. It will be a tough fight though. --- This situation results only in death and destruction, altouth you still have the possibility to loot the now empty bandit camp.
3. If you do nothing and simply leave the city, the local govoneur send out a few guards. After a while, also with your absence, the bandits will start their attack. Most likely, the bandits will be victorious, if you don't reinforce the garrison.

Travel to the town - Investigations - wait one or two days - search - 1/2/3 - live with the results

1.2 The loot of the bandit camp, increast happiness
1.2 20 - 30 new soldiers; loss of loyalty and happiness by the local population
2. If you successfuly defend the town, the loyalty of its cititzen will increase, possibility to loot the bandit camp, if you lose, ther city gets destroyed
3. Ýou will likely lose the city and every citizen die a brutal and bloody death

I know this threat is quite old, but why not^^
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