Class combinations

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Re: Class combinations

Postby Valerian » Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:14 pm

NitoMurray wrote:
Valerian wrote:And regarding your mentioning of Paladin magic, I really support this idea:
I would like to see a form of holy-magic, or some kind of divine power. Actually I would like to play a kind of a priest-king, declaring the will of God (or the gods^^). Also there coulde be different religions, each of them giving different bonuses.
And religion should definitely have an impact on relations with other religious groups
Would be awesome.

If this is a thing, please let me be a necro in your court for the lolz

Why not? Might be a a small contradiction, but hey, why not? I will be able to get enough good-point though^^
Looking forward to work with you, my necro-friend^^
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