Information about the voting system

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Information about the voting system

Postby Larkon Studio » Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:06 pm

Hello everyone,

This section explains the voting system for CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria. The voting system is an important system for you to decide how CivCraft's gameplay works, which features should we add and important aspects of our game. It's your way to influence the design of CivCraft, from the appearance and atmosphere to the gameplay elements and features.

The voting system is very simple: Every week, a topic will open in the Features Voting section, describing a new feature that was suggested by one of our members. The topic will specify the end date for the topic, along with the percentage it needs in order for the vote to pass, if needed. You can then chose to vote for the feature or against the feature during the time that the voting is open. Most voting will last for a full week and start at Sunday, and some voting (such as "choose between") will have several votes that will compete with each other for the most popular feature/name/concept.

Any voting will most likely have it's own discussion topic on another thread, so please note that posting comments inside a voting topic may be ignored or deleted. Also, please do not vote several times in the same topic, as only your first vote will be considered.

To vote in any topic, please check the topic's keywords that you need to post. In the vote description, you'll see simple instructions such as:

To post Yes, please post:
To post no, please post:

In this example, you may post either YES or NO, but not both. You can only post one of these signs in a voting topic. Also, please post with the exact capital letters. We are using an automated system to count the votes and it may miss your vote if you will post "no", "No" or "nO".

Once the voting period has ended, the votes will be gathered and counted and the result will be announced.

Depending on your community badge, your vote has a set number of voting points. For instance, if you backed the Early Access Tier, Early Bird Tier or Double Early Access Tier, you have a "Level 2 Community Backer Badge", and have 5 voting points. You can check the full list of our community badges and their voting power below. You can also check your badge by viewing your "Rank" in your profile. Please note that the voting points refers to the "weight" of your vote and not to the number of times you can vote in the same topic.

Thanks for your time, and above all, have fun!
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