Dear Larkon

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Dear Larkon

Postby NitoMurray » Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:05 am

The recent posts on the update thread made me think of a good, and relatively effortless method for you to update us without needing big update reports etc.


A few other Indie game devs I've seen use this as a means to allow backers to follow their progress somewhat "live". The developers simply post sticky notes of what they're doing, planning etc. Basically all the foreseeable work. They done just update their progress of these notes as they do them. An example I used in the mentioned post was the Developers of Kenshi -

Perhaps after the pre-alpha is release, as I'm certain you're all more than stressed and thinned out at the moment, you could look into doing this?

It would make the few more "local" backers much more happier being able to regularly follow development, whilst having a thread to it would also allow the less local to simply click a link and know exactly where things are at the moment. Pop in, look at some sticky notes, pop out. This would, I believe, lessen any pressure you must be feeling for larger updates and news. Perhaps limiting these to monthly updates to summarise what's happened with a few screen shots thrown in perhaps?



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