New Discord Server - Legends of Ellaria Weekly News

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New Discord Server - Legends of Ellaria Weekly News

Postby Arik Helman » Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:53 pm

Golems are stronger than we thought.

What's New In Legends Of Ellaria:
This week, we began filming our Early Access trailer scenes (soon to be announced) and almost finished the test version for our backers, we will be giving more news on this test version in the next couple of days :)


New Discord Server is open:

Our Moderators have been selected and the server is up and running, we want the community to join in and help us make it a truly fun experience for gamers inside.

If you want to talk gaming and get exclusive insights from our developers, here's the invite link:

Feel free to copy that link and invite whoever you think might have your same shared interests. As soon as you enter, please introduce yourself in the designated text channel so others can know you.

We hope to improve this server over time with the help of the community, so feel free to share ideas and your opinion on how to improve.

Weekly Steam Key winner announced:


Congratulations!! We will contact you through a private email and send you the Steam Key in just a few weeks when Steam has finished approving our Steam Site.

Every Tuesday a lucky winner will be announced through our newsletter!

Weekly Giveaway rules:

- Every Tuesday, everyone subscribed to our newsletter is eligible to win one free Steam Key, that means that current owners of Legends of Ellaria, and backers from our Kickstarter get a chance to win a second Steam Key or to upgrade their community badge.

- Winners from the Steam Giveaway are only eligible to win once, and will not be able to win a second Steam Key.

- The winner will be contacted through a private email and will receive his Steam Key with the Legends of Ellaria Early Access Launch!

New Blog: Best final bosses of video game history

If you remember battling through fight after fight in some of your favorite video games, and then the excitement as you reach the final boss battle to win it all, welcome to the club.
Gamers feed off the excitement of a new challenge, and that’s why many great games and series always cap off with an epic and fantastic boss fight against a massive final boss character built up over the course of the game. It’s the final time for you to prove yourself against the biggest threat you have.
Final bosses are excruciatingly challenging while undeniably captivating. They grab us from the moment we learn of them and it puts us on the spot to overcome.

They’re a pretty big deal.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best final bosses in video game history.

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