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Re: Steam Key giveaway - Legends of Ellaria News

Postby Valerian » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:13 pm

Larkon Studio wrote:
NitoMurray wrote:
Valerian wrote:
Does this also mean, that with every new version-update you will give the prerelease backers the possibility to redownload the whole game(installer), as you do it now, or just an possiblility for an update?
I ask this, cause the DRM-free installer might get lost someday or the update launcher doesn't work, but I still want to get the DRM free Version I paid money for

Why not just amend the TC to include the update/installation of a DRM client as a condition for bankruptcy announcement on behalf of Larkon? Though personally, if Steam goes belly under then something apocalyptic has happened as it'd take the end of the world for it to suddenly go bust.

The problem with a DRM free game is that it's easy to duplicate it and upload it to other players, which means that our game would be easily hacked and shared for free. However, when you buy a game from Steam (or receive the Steam key from us), it remains in your library forever regardless of any situation.

In the event of an apocalyptic event, you would even be able to play LoE in Steam "Offline Mode".

This might be true, but you see through stores like GOG that it's still profitable to sell DRM-free version. But yeah, I'm happy as long as you support the DRMfree-versions which were brought throuh your website.^^
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Re: Steam Key giveaway - Legends of Ellaria News

Postby NitoMurray » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:38 am

Yeah but you can also see that Good Old Games (GOD) can't support small Indie companies. Losing 10% to piracy might mean squat to GOG for most part and games sold there. For Larkon and this game though for example? A pirate copy might seriously damage their ability to have a successful EA. Look at GameDeveloper, that Game dev sim game. They had 30% of their player base using a pirated copy, it was so bad they implemented a patch that caught hold of pirated copies and screwed with em in game. They made it so the players games were victims to piracy and suffered a huge reduction in profits in game! haha

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